Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham wore matching denim in their first appearance since getting back together

You know it’s real when they start dressing alike. Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham both wore denim to the Xbox One x VIP Event held in New York, and we’re guessing they took a cue from denim-fans Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake back from 2001. No matter what, it’s a solid ensemble to tell the world you’re “on” again.

It’s been reported that the two met back in 2014 during Paris Fashion Week, but they started making appearances together a few months afterward. In 2015, they seemingly decided to break up, as Beckham started appearing out in public with model Sonia Ben Ammar. But that next year, Beckham posted a pretty telling Instagram post where he’s sweetly embracing Moretz, meaning that they had worked out their differences.

Still, as young love is often unpredictable, they reportedly got into a relationship-ending fight at a concert in September of 2016 and decided, once again, to call it quits. But almost exactly a year later, this past September, they managed to find each other once again — and hopefully, this time, their relationship will stay strong.

This particular appearance was pretty important, as it was the first one they’ve made since rekindling their relationship. As per usual, they look truly connected.

Plus, this event out was the perfect opportunity to prove how they both look excellent in denim.


They look closer than ever, that’s for sure.


Moretz and Beckham weren’t the only two celebrities at the event — a lot of Saturday Night Live castmates, both past and present, showed up as well. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the memo about wearing denim.


We have a feeling these two may continue to match styles for events like this. And honestly, we’re here for it. Since it just shows these two are truly in tune with each other.

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