Chloë Grace Moretz, Brooklyn Beckham, and Meghan Trainor’s Disneyland day is #FriendshipGoals

Know what’s a true relationship test? Surviving a day together at Disneyland. With Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham now officially ~official~ there’s no better time to head off to the Happiest Place on Earth. Oh, and bring along Grammy-winning friend Meghan Trainor, too.

This group, complete with Mickey Ears and First Time Buttons headed off to the theme park the other day, and from the pictures they’ve posted to Instagram, as Rapunzel might say, they had the best day ever.

While it appears is if they struggle slightly trying to get this perfect photo opportunity by the Matterhorn, eventually they nailed it. Sort of.

Meghan is going to fall off the mountain if she holds on like that.

There’s also a video of them actually riding the Matterhorn, uploaded by Meghan’s brother, Ryan. Check out Chloë directly behind him, because she does NOT seem to be enjoying herself.

No Disneyland day is completely without a quick trip over to California Adventure to ride Radiator Springs Racers.

And don’t forget Tower of Terror! (Shoutout to the lady in the plaid coat, their designated Disneyland VIP Tour Guide, who is 100% living her best life right now)

To cap off the evening, the group decided to check out some fireworks, and of course did a ~classic~ pose in front of the Castle.

We will also 100% buy whatever album Chloë and Meghan put out.

Looks like the group had a blast at Disneyland for the day. Maybe we can tag along next time, too, eh?

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