There’s currently a massive cookie jar in New York and the world is a pretty great place right now

If you’ve been keeping up with Chips Ahoy! news like only a truly faithful snacker would, then you know how Chips Ahoy! has been absolutely crushing it lately. They’ve been releasing all kinds of new flavors left and right, and their latest creation THINS is the stuff of legends.

ICYMI, Chips Ahoy! THINS are a crispy, crunchy version of the classic cookie we grew up with, and when they were first released last year in August, there were two flavors: traditional Chocolate Chip, and Cinnamon Sugar. Just last week, Chips Ahoy! proved that they weren’t done dishing out the magic yet. They released two brand spankin’ new THINS versions: Double Chocolate, and Oatmeal.

To kick off the big reveal of these cookies, Chips Ahoy! is doing something special in the Time Warner Center in NYC today, from noon to 8 p.m. only. They displayed a *huge* cookie jar, and filled it to the brim with THINS.


The top half is full of Double Chocolate THINS and the bottom half is stuffed with the Oatmeal variation. Witness it for yourself. Get your butt over to the Time Warner Center before 8 p.m. tonight, because there’s a lot more at stake than just setting your eyes on a colossal cookie jar. You could potentially win yourself a whole year of free Chips Ahoy! THINS if you play your cards right.


All you have to do is guess how many THINS are living in that larger-than-life cookie jar. If you can’t zip over to NYC today, that’s alright. You can still take a stab at it by visiting this website. Watch the video carefully and submit your guess. Nail it and 2017 will be the best year of your cookie-lovin’ life.

But, I mean, even if you don’t win — there’s still a giant cookie jar out there in the world and isn’t that pretty comforting?