Chipotle to test burrito drone deliveries and we can’t believe this is real life

The future of food delivery just granted us a sneak peek at its potential and we’re pretty sure it’s going to make us even blissfully lazier than we already are. Recently, students at Virginia Tech hit the food delivery lottery thanks to a pilot program that involves Chipotle testing burrito drone deliveries on their campus.


According to Uproxx, Chipotle worked with Google’s parent company Alphabet and Virginia Tech to bring drone-filled food trucks to the campus. After select students and campus employees place their order, the drones launch into action, delivering scores of massive, mouthwatering burritos to waiting customers. This experiment is unprecedented in that it’s the country’s largest drone delivery to date and will likely go down as one of the quickest reductions in the number of hangry mouths to feed.

We’re still struggling to grasp the complete and utter awesomeness of this service, but that’s partially because we don’t know what we did in this lifetime to deserve the chance to have a burrito flown to and dropped off at our doorsteps. The thought of a Chipotle burger chain still warrants a stern side-eye, but we’re giving this drone delivery service an enthusiastic thumbs up and happy tears.