Chipotle completely changed its queso recipe, and that’s honestly a good thing

The Chipotle queso saga continues. In early September, Chipotle released the queso dip the world had been waiting for. We were expecting greatness, but many would argue we received grossness instead. In response to customer complaints, Chipotle changed their queso recipe, and we’re hoping our relationship with the food chain will be on the up-and-up from here.

According to a Business Insider article, the new and improved queso is a lot less “grainy” than its predecessor. It also apparently “retained the proper texture of a dip,” even when left at room temperature. The former “crime against cheese,” as one Twitter user called Chipotle’s original queso, often looked more like a cup of cottage cheese or chunky bisque.

Insider reported that the flavor of the new queso is slightly different than the original as well. The new queso has a smoky flavor with an “even” amount of heat.

"Same commitment to ingredients (still all real ingredients with nothing artificial)," Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold told Insider, "but it's got a creamier texture and a really nice flavor."

So our fingers are crossed that we’ll be seeing less of this (warning: kind of gross) —

— and more of this.

After the queso’s official September launch, the internet was quick to express its disappointment — which was ultimately reflected in queso sales. Only 15% of customers ordered it with their meals, which, like a side of guacamole, costs extra.

Chipotle also hopes to roll out their under-the-radar nachos to a wider audience. Nachos are currently on the Chipotle secret menu but have recently been added to the chain’s Manhattan test kitchen’s actual menu.

We’re always willing to give Chipotle another chance, so excuse us — we’re out grabbing lunch.

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