Chipotle is (finally) adding a dessert option to its menu

Everything about Chipotle is already pretty great, because who doesn’t love high quality fast food tacos and burritos? But we just heard that Chipotle is adding dessert to the menu — and ummmm, FINALLY! Every restaurant is better when they offer something sweet, obviously.

So what’s it gonna be, you ask?

"One of the new items is called buñuelos," reports Business Insider, "a Mexican dessert made of fried tortillas topped with honey, sugar, and cinnamon, and served with an apple caramel dipping sauce."

WE CAN GET ON BOARD WITH THAT. And these yummy sounding delights will be available for testing next month! FYI you’re not familiar with buñuelos, they look a little something like this:

And like this:

Naturally, people are excited!

This is pretty much us right now:

via giphyThanks for providing an outlet for our sweet tooth, Chipotle! We see many visits to your fine establishments in our future.