Chipotle has a new mascot that raps, and we’ll let you decide how you feel about it

Sometimes brands introduce jingles that totally work. For example, it’s been years since Subway sold $5 footlongs, and yet we still can’t get that song out of our heads anytime someone mentions it. (Oops, sorry!) While we want to absolutely love everything Chipotle does, we can’t help but feel a little bit torn about this video for the company’s new, all-natural tortilla — featuring a rapping mascot. Chipotle has a stellar record of not only being delicious, but also of being a fun brand to follow (they have a pretty hilarious Twitter) — and yes, they’ve had some problems in the past, but as they say: forgive and forget.

Well, that is until this video, which just might have crossed the line of unforgivable offenses:


Okay, first of all, it’s a pun. This is a rapping wrapper, and already we feel a little skeptical of this marketing decision that must have been made by a team of dads because nobody would think a rapping tortilla would be a good idea except for a bunch of dads. Dads, we love you, but this is too far!

Because, seriously?


Torti the (w)rapper’s song sounds a lot like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song mixed with some Real Slim Shady vibes, and we have to say that we prefer the originals a lot better. Maybe Chipotle is onto something though, because the clever anthropomorphic character’s rap is catchy. Also, it’s really cool that Chipotle is now using only natural ingredients in its tortillas.


Eater called the rap “whack as hell” and theorized that the punny rap is an April Fool’s joke, but something tells us that, like the Kool-Aid man, Torti may be here to stay.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the new mascot — or can’t stop cringing at what you’ve just witnessed — the deliciousness of Chipotle is something we can all agree on.