People are breaking Chipotle records we didn’t even know existed

Chipotle is delicious, there’s no denying that. This might be a bold statement, but their tortilla chips are the best tortilla chips in the history of tortilla chips. And their burritos are what burrito dreams are made of. But is Chipotle delicious enough to eat every single day for 100+ days? For two total strangers it definitely is.

Mark Rantal, a graphic artist and improv comedian based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has eaten Chipotle every day for the last 106 days — that’s three and a half months, you guys. If he chooses to continue the Chipotle streak (which we are pretty sure he will), today will be his 107th day of eating Chipotle for lunch.

Then there’s Andrew Hawryluk, he’s an animator in Los Angeles, and he’s on day 154 in his quest to eat Chipotle for as many days as possible. He has even documented his Chipotle progress on his blog Chipotlife.

So if you’re keeping track, that’s two complete strangers eating Chipotle for over 100 days. Super weird! You would think that eating Chipotle for so many days would be a calculated move — for some sort of experiment or to beat a record or to win a contest — but for Rantal, it happened by accident.

“The whole thing was totally an accident. On Monday I decided to get Chipotle and on Tuesday I made the same decision, then got lunch with my friend there on Wednesday,” Rantal explained to ABC News. “We laughed about it at lunch, and he asked how long I thought I could go. And that began the thought.” As it turns out, he could go a long time. He loves the food, so that part wasn’t difficult. In fact, it was all pretty easy for Rantal. “Every time I hit a milestone, it was very easy and convenient to imagine hitting the next,” Rantal said. “Plus, it’s a little ridiculous.”