Chipotle just added a new item to its menu for the first time in two years — and it’s spicy

Chipotle has had a rocky year, so what better way to put the past behind us than by introducing whole new menu item? Meet chorizo, the new kid on the block of Chipotle’s burrito meats (Burrito Meatz: my new rapper name. Album out soon). reported yesterday that Chipotle introduced chorizo in the stores of select cities like New York City’s Manhattan locations, Sacramento, Columbus, San Diego, and a few others, with plans to expand to all U.S. restaurants in the fall. Made with pork and white-meat chicken, this sausage is packed with paprika, toasted cumin, and chipotle peppers, and we need it in our bellies ASAP.

This is the first addition to Chipotle’s meat selection since the brand introduced tofu, or Sofritas, to its menu back in 2014. According to Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle, the chain is picky when it comes to menu additions, which is why they only seem to happen once in a blue moon. That’s because they want to ensure they’re always staying true to the core menu.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that’s rolling out chorizo, then you can pick it up today for lunch (and then also dinner . . . and maybe an extra for a midnight snack).