Chipotle added queso to its menu — here’s where you can get it

Pardon us for teasing your taste buds, but word on the foodie streets is that Chipotle could add queso to its menu soon. The Mexican grill has noticeably left the mouthwatering cheesy dip off its menu (yes, even the secret one), which has customers wondering when and if they’d ever be able to go up to the counter and order queso instead of resorting to circuitous Chipotle hacks to get their cheese fix.

Cheese is literally everything, so we get it, but until now Chipotle has held off on adding queso to its menu because, as Eater reports, the chain hasn’t developed a recipe that meets its standards of food that doesn’t contain additives, added colors, or preservatives.

But apparently, the queso that debuted at the Chipotle NEXT Kitchen at 504 6th Avenue in New York today fits the criteria, and it looks as delicious as we expected.

Customers can also choose from other new menu items like a salad topped with an avocado citrus dressing and frozen margaritas, including a strawberry virgin variety.

According to Chipotle CEO Steve Ells, the popularity of the queso at the NEXT kitchen will determine whether Chipotle does a more widespread release, which could include as few as 20 restaurants or as many as 200.

“All of our competitors sell queso, and we know some customers don’t come to Chipotle because we don’t offer it,” Ells said in an internal memo.

Now, we couldn’t imagine not going to Chipotle because of the lack of queso, but the number of trips we make to the restaurant might increase drastically if the cheesy dip lands a permanent spot on the menu.