Cool New Selfie Trend: Showing Your Pit Pride

Selfies are everywhere. They are a new national pastime. They litter your social media feed, and sometimes they can seem tired. But a group of Chinese women are challenging beauty standards by posting selfies of their armpits. And it’s pretty fantastic.

According to Rocket News, women have been flooding Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) with photos of themselves showing off their armpits—many of them unshaven—as a statement against the belief that women should be required to shave their underarm and leg hair. Some of the armpits are full-grown forests, others just have a little stubble, a couple are totally hairless. Some of the women even faked having armpit hair by threading their hair through their shirtsleeves.

What’s the point? That armpit hair on women is no more unhygienic than it is on men, and that removing it should be optional, not obligatory. That’s why it is so often the subject of debate in feminist circles as one of the manifestations of beauty standards that apply more strictly to women than men. It’s unclear if that is the stated goal of this armpit invasion, but there’s definitely something a little revolutionary in seeing all those women unabashedly showing off their underarms.

Whatever the contest is, the idea of celebrating your body? We’re down with it, ladies.

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