This Chinese swimmer realizing that she won a medal is SO relatable we can’t believe it

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui is one of the most talked-about swimmers today at the Rio Olympics, but not just because of her amazing athletic ability. Fu competed in the Women’s 100-meter Backstroke, and she was being interviewed after the swim, and the reporter told her something that she did not expect.

Fu did not realize that she had tied for a Bronze Medal, and her reaction is priceless!


Fu tied for the Bronze Medal with Canada’s Kylie Massie, and she hadn’t even realized it. Fu was busy telling the reporter that she wished she had gone faster. “I used up all of my powers yesterday.” Then, when she is told she was only .01 seconds slower than the Silver Medalist, she says, “Then I blame my arms for being too short.” The reporter is so confused, until she realizes that Fu had NO idea that she had won a medal.

Once she found out about her Bronze Medal, Fu felt a lot better about  her race.


“Well, then I think that’s not bad at all!”

Her reaction is SO real, and it makes us love her.


And we have to say, we love those glasses!

And just check out her reaction the other day, when she realized how fast she had gone in her semifinal race.

Fu is well-known for her adorably real faces and reactions. Just look at these from the 2015 World Championships.

Plus, she’s not afraid to admit that even elite swimmers get cramps.

Check out the full, delightfully relatable interview here:

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