These Chinese models cycle through hundreds of poses in minutes, and we can’t look away

We’ve seen plenty of amazing poses from world class models over the years, but nothing could have prepared us for Chinese online store models posing rapidly in these behind-the-scenes Facebook videos. It must take a lot of practice to move their bodies this fast and still maintain a graceful flow for the camera, right?!

China Daily reports that some models can pose in 150 outfits in a single day (!), and hit “more than 700 poses.” Okay that’s genuinely hard to fathom (and definitely raises questions about working demands), but for right now, let’s focus on how freaking impressive these women are.

So, we’ve barely moved from the couch…and she’s cycling through outfits like there’s no tomorrow. Apparently they are trained to change clothes in just one minute, which seems like it would be stressful. Yet, they kick ass again and again. They are also taught some tricks, and…WOW.

In this one, the model kicks her purse up from the floor so she doesn’t have to stop and bend down!

There’s a big e-shopping carnival coming up in China, so that accounts for the busy schedules of models working for Taobao online stores. And side note: The China Daily article reported that the models scarcely have time to eat a single meal all day, which is obviously a huge concern. The work is impressive, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of fair treatment.

In any case, these women are incredibly impressive and GOLD at what they do, and we are so impressed.

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