Why this photo of a bride on the street went viral

Have you guys been noticing an uptick in viral wedding pics as of late? Look, wedding stuff has been getting le clicks, like, since the internet started existing, but it feels like we of the interwebs have been PARTICULARLY interested in noteworthy day-of pics as of late. Maybe it’s because summer is synonymous with weddings and so more weddings= an embarrassment of photographic riches? Maybe the stars have all aligned to create a series of super-duper unique wedding snaps worthy of mass consumption?  Maybe 2015 just ended up being The Summer of the Best Wedding Photo Ops? The mysteries, they abound.

In any event, in the last month we’ve seen everything from a bride who, armed with her iPhone, was her own wedding photographer,  to a bride and groom who had NO idea they’d posed for the perfect big day portrait,  to a bride who lost her police officer dad in the line of duty but was able to honor him at her wedding with the most heartstirring “father-daughter dance,” to the beautiful bearded bride who opened up our eyes to a new stunning side of beauty.

Now, we have another photo to add to the album. As Real News of India reports, a pic was taken on October 1st of a mystery bride in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province in China on October 1st, standing on the side of the road, waiting for her groom to show up.

Her groom was apparently very much NOT on time for their wedding, as he was stuck in traffic. But before you slap your forehead and go “Ugh! Get some time management skills, dude!” know that this delay was actually not the groom’s fault. October 1st was China’s National Day. The holiday kicks off the seven-day nation-wide vacation known as Golden Week and, as the Daily Mail reported, China probably broke a traveling record this year, with 13 million people using the country’s rail network alone.

So, yeah, while it may seem like a good idea to have a wedding during the week where everyone’s on vacation, problems arise when you have to deal with dat vacay traffic. We hope the stuck-in-traffic groom wasn’t too egregiously late to his own wedding. Especially considering that in China, starting a wedding on time is a sign of good fortune.

In any event, whenever the groom did show up, we hope his bride forgave him for his tardiness. Good fortune and on-time weddings are great and all, but a spouse who will forgive you for a not-so-perfect Big Day because that’s how much they love you? I mean, situations like that are the reason why they invented the word “priceless.”


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