Here’s an idea: Let’s get chimps to make our beds

IMHO, making the bed ranks as one of the most justifiably abhorred activities. Aside from being straight up annoying, making your bed is the WORST, and the futility of tidying it up hits me every time I tuck in the sheets — come on moms and dads everywhere, we’re just going to mess up our beds all over again!

Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning only to have to spend your first waking moments tidying up sheets, pillows, and blankets, is the opposite of fun. Then, like 12-14 hours later, you’re getting everything all scrunched up again when you settle back into your sleeping nest. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just blanket-burrito it rather than peeling back layers of hospital corners?

You know who does like to make their bed every day though? Chimpanzees. Field research shows that chimps spend a lot of time thinking about their treetop sleeping platforms. Every night they take some time to construct these sleeping platforms made of various leaves, branches, or in captivity, blankets, sheets, and throws. High up in the trees or within a sanctuary, they create these elaborate sleeping nests, but first they find a certain species of tree, and 7 out of 10 times they opt for the same type of tree because it acts as a natural insect repellant and helps them to avoid predators on the ground. For nests, the thicker the warmer. And don’t even think about sharing said sleeping platform: it’s off-limits unless it’s a designated group platform or a mom is with her little one. Chimps are very clever that way.

Sparknotes: Chimpanzees like to make their beds. Video proof!

That’s Jamie the chimp, in captivity, taking some time to make a nest from blankets and pillows. Literally the coziest.

My modest proposal is this: make some chimp friends, and have a chimp slumber party. They are amazing at making their little nest beds and with their know-how and our people-linens it would be the comfiest. Think it over.

Also, next time you dread bed-making, think about the chimps. Somewhere, some chimp is making their bed too. You are totally not alone.

[Images via here, here, and Shutterstock]