We can’t stop listening to this super-chill announcement to paddle boarders surrounded by great white sharks

Picture this: You’re kicking back and paddle boarding with your friends just off the coast of a beautiful beach in Orange County, California. Suddenly there’s a voice from above. It’s the Sheriff’s Department informing you that you are paddle boarding next to fifteen great white sharks.

Yes. Fifteen great white sharks. You know, like Jaws. Only times fifteen.

No, this isn’t a stress dream you had because you accidentally ate Taco Bell right before bed. This actually happened in real life this week. We’re sweating bullets just thinking about this situation in the abstract. We can’t even imagine what it would be like to be one of these boarders. Like, you’re just paddle boarding, minding your own beeswax, and all of a sudden you are certain you are moments away from turning into this GIF.

The Sheriff’s Department, coordinating with state parks, asked the paddle boarders to “exit the water in a calm manner.” Um, okay, yeah, how do you calmly swim back to land when there are FIFTEEN GREAT WHITE SHARKS SWIMMING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU?

Or, you know, a bigger paddle board.

To be clear, the only reason we’re able to throw Jaws jokes around is because no one was hurt. Everyone got back to shore safely. We are so freaking grateful for this miracle. Because seriously, have you seen Jaws?

We don’t know you guys, maybe it’s NOT safe to go back in the water.

Check out the chilling video of the whole fifteen sharks in the water nightmare below.

To paraphrase the old adage, sometimes the truth is WAY freakier than a classic Steven Spielberg movie.