This couple’s Chili’s engagement pictures will make you believe in love at first queso

Love is love is love. And sometimes, love is love is Chili’s.

We have seen a lot of tweets garner brand attention as of late. Everyone remembers free chicken nuggets guy, and who could forget those who have attempted to troll our nation’s fast food establishments? But sometimes all you need to do is be in love.

We spoke with Krista Doyle — content writer for Aceable, author, twitter comedian, and podcast host — about the inspiration behind her engagement pics, all of which are Chili’s-themed. Though Chili’s is not the focal point in her relationship, Krista has always been a big fan. Her and her partner have celebrated both big and small moments at the restaurant chain.

"Kelly likes Chili's, too, but she more just supports my obsession and will come with me whenever there's something I want to celebrate, or if we're just looking for some comfort food," Krista tells us. "We once won a free Tesla ride and had the driver take us to Chili's!"

Combining the love of Chili’s and the love of your life makes perfect sense to us. Of course, the results are adorable.


Chili’s took no time at all offering their love and support for the couple.

We’re hoping it’s an invitation to wed at Chili’s HQ. Or…at least a gift card.

The couple that eats at Chili’s together, stays together. Well, sort of. Marriage takes more than delicious boneless wings.

The couple shared with us some of their best relationship advice. Kelly suggests that you never be afraid to look to more experienced couples for advice, and to always support one another’s interests. Krista believes in stellar communication, which eases the blow of any conflict. The two clearly have fun together, and we are so happy these engagement pictures introduced us to such strong love. The couple enjoys traveling, binge-watching everything on Netflix, and exploring their city of Austin together. (Kelly is a tour guide!)

But, naturally, food is very important to them. The couple launched their own food Instagram last year.

Though the two have yet to attempt any Chili’s dishes, Krista let us know that queso and the southwestern egg rolls are for sure on the upcoming list.

We are so happy for the future Doyles, and wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and queso dip.

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