These children can’t figure out how to use a cassette player/make us feel ancient

Technology is developing so fast. So fast that kids today don’t even know how to listen to music that isn’t stored in the Cloud. YouTube user Lena Hyde uploaded a video of her two sons practically breaking their brains trying to insert a cassette tape into a handheld player. “We found an old walkman and tapes from the 80s. My kids had no idea what to do with it!” she jokes in the video’s description. Hard to laugh when I can pretty much feel crows feet growing around my eyes as I watch this.

The video is almost two minutes long — that means it took two children in 2015 almost two minutes to put a cassette tape into a Walkman. It’s almost as bad as that little girl who couldn’t figure out how to hang up a landline phone. Almost.

Nope, you’re thinking of a credit card.

Oh boy.

His mom tells him to let the other youngster try to crack the code. “He’s a Boy Scout,” she says. Well, it’s obvious that this Boy Scout has not earned his “Ways to listen to music on something other than an iPhone” badge, but watching him struggle to put the cassette tape in the Walkman definitely got me a “feeling elderly” badge. It’s in the mail. I plan on sewing it to a sash and wearing it when I go to Denny’s for an early lunch.

When Kid #1 finally gets to tape into the Walkman (this is a minute and a half through the video, by the way), his mom says, “I’m so proud of you!”

Grandma emjoi x infinity.

Check out the painful video below:

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