15 pins of your favorite childhood snacks that will give you intense flashbacks


These pins are so pretty you’ll have to stop yourself from eating them! Well, okay, maybe the hard metal and paint will actually stop you, but either way, they’ll definitely bring back all your fond snack-y memories as a kid.

1. This out-of-this-world Little Debbie “Cosmic Brownie” pin, $10.00.

2. This blingy “Ring Pop” pin, $9.05.

3. This super sweet frosted animal cookie pin, $10.00.

4. This slick rock candy on a stick pin, $10.00.

5. These adorable Brite Crawlers pins, $6.00.

6. This yummy looking pop tart pin, $10.00.

7. This glow-in-the-dark McDonald’s Halloween buckets pin, $9.50.

8. This colorful bowl of Fruit Loops pin, $12.00.

9. Or this three-pack of the scariest cereal mascots, Frankenberry, Booberry, and Count Chocula pins, $18.50.

10. This refreshing Hi-C “Ecto Cooler” pin, $10.00.

11. This pretty pastel snow cone pin, $8.00.

12. This adorable sheet of candy buttons pin, $5.99.

13. This dainty “Smarties” pin, $12.00.

14. This very pretty “Pocky” inspired pin, $10.56.

15. And finally, this literal bag of your favorite childhood sweets pin, $10.56. Because it’s too hard to pick one favorite!

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