There’s a chicken currently sailing around the world and having a blast

Do you ever get that summer anxiety that you’re not having your best vacation,not living your best life, taking advantage of every warm, sunshiney moment as much as you can? Well, we have bad news: you are not having the best summer. A chicken is.

Meet Monique, a simply splendid chicken who spends her days sailing around the world.

Of course, she isn’t sailing herself (although she has some thoughts on engine repair.)

Instead, Monique is traveling as the constant companion of Guirec Soudee, a young French man who loves to sail but likes to have a little company (and apparently, some fresh eggs) wherever he goes. For more than a year, that’s been Monique. So far, the two have crossed the Atlantic and checked out Greenland. (You’d think Monique would be lobbying for somewhere tropical by now, these sound like very chilly voyages for a chicken.)

Guirec chronicles their adventures wherever they go, often through his Facebook page. Though he and his faithful chicken friend have been globetrotting for a while, they’re only just starting to go viral. In June, Guirec was shocked to return from several days without Internet at sea and find that one of their latest posts had taken off, saying

We can’t wait to see where Guirec and Monique head off to yet, and we bet, after watching this video of their hilarious adventures, you’ll soon be checking in to see where a chick ends up next!