Chick-fil-a just brought back an original favorite and everyone is freaking out

When Chick-Fil-A revamped the recipe for their BBQ sauce this summer, they found out the hard way that change isn’t always good. Since introducing the sauce makeover no one asked for, the restaurant chain has been overwhelmed by customers demanding to know WTF happened to their original BBQ sauce.

Fortunately when the internet speaks, Chick-Fil-A listens. In a video on its official Facebook page, the restaurant confirmed that the original BBQ sauce will return in November. We expect their already insanely long drive-thru line to grow by another bazillion cars because so many die-hard supporters are absolutely overjoyed that they #BroughtBacktheBBQ:

“This summer, we put a new twist on our original Barbeque sauce,” the video begins. “We thought we were introducing a bold new flavor you would love.”


Then several Chick-Fil-A employees read off a barrage of tweets from inconsolable customers who said losing the sauce was a life-altering event, including one desperate customer who hoped that a yearlong tweeting spree inspired by The Notebook would bring back the sauce.

“If I tweet you everyday for a year like Noah wrote Allie in “The Notebook” for 365 days will you bring back your original bbq sauce @ChickfilA?” the customer wrote.


But boy, oh boy, are the customers grateful to have that old thing back:


“Is it wrong that I’m crying happy tears?!” one Facebook commenter wrote. “I HATE the new BBQ sauce! I complained about it to everyone who would listen! This seriously just made my whole week. CFA Original BBQ Sauce for PRESIDENT!”

TFW you realize this world belongs to Chick-Fil-A’s BBQ sauce and we’re all just living in it. Hopefully the restaurant’s new quinoa bowl is comfortable with being second place among the menu items because clearly, the BBQ sauce is boss.