Chicano-Con is the Latinx Comic-Con we’ve been waiting for

If you’re involved in fandom, then you know that Comic-Con took place this past weekend in San Diego. The event brings together fans and stars for everything entertainment, in five stellar days of celebration, screenings and meet-and-greets.

And while the event boasts upwards of 150,000 attendees, there’s still something missing — namely in terms of representation, specifically for the Latinx community. While there were panels that focused on topics like diversity in comics and Chicano comics, there was still something missing. To fill this niche, Chicano-Con was born. The three-day convention brings Latinx comic fans and creators together for a fabulous fiesta.

Chicano-Con, which was started in 2015, takes place at Border X Brewing in Barrio Logan, San Diego, just two miles east of Comic-Con. The convention is the real thing; just take it from Guillermo del Toro, the legendary Mexican director who has appeared at the event in years past. This year’s lineup featured everything from superhero piñatas and tacos to music and, of course, Latinx artists and cartoonists.

In an interview with We Are Mitú, Chicano-Con co-creator David Favela explained, “While Comic-Con is an incredible event, there really isn’t one place for all the Latino/Chicano artists to connect and inspire each other. We try to do that, and we try to support these artists in their journey into the popular arts.” He also notes how important comics are for the Latino community, especially for children. Chicano-Con features events for children and their parents alike, because everyone knows the power of a good comic.

Thanks to events like Chicano-Con, we’re finally seeing diversity spread its wings, and shine its light on communities who deserve to be seen, read and appreciated.