Watch Chewbacca sing “Silent Night” in his native Wookiee if you’re into that sort of thing

Quick, what’s your favorite Christmas song? And quick, who is your favorite Star Wars character? If your answers are “Silent Night” and “Chewbacca” then OH WOW do we have a treat for you.

Our friends over at How It Should Have Ended have made a delightful music video combining one of our favorite Christmas songs, and one of our favorite Millennium Falcon pilots. The song was actually created by Scott Andersen back in…1999. THAT IS BEFORE PHANTOM MENACE CAME OUT, that is so long ago.

As Scott writes on his blog: “I hunted down all of the Chewbacca sound clips I could find on the Internet. Remember, this was 1999. Google was just a year old. I think I may have still been using AltaVista. It was quite an undertaking.”

And the result is quite impressive. Many years later (and many Star Wars movies later) How It Should Have Ended has taken Scott’s hard work and given it a cheerful video, and one that we’re probably going to watch every day from now until Christmas. And maybe even after Christmas, too.

This music video has it all: Chewbacca giving his usual Wookiee grunting noises that only Han can understand (now, auto-tuned!), Han Solo himself, Lando Calrissian smirks, and even a special guest appearance by Santa Jabba the Hutt, because of course.

Pulling footage from both the original trilogy and the Force Awakens (but oddly not the Star Wars holiday special??) go ahead and gather the family ’round the tree, friends. This is our new favorite holiday song.

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