Chewbacca Mom got lessons from J.J. Abrams himself and it was everything

There’s no one in the world right now who hasn’t seen Chewbacca Mom (real name: Candace Payne) and her viral video having the ~ of her life ~ in a growly Chewbacca mask.

Naturally, James Corden invited Candace to visit The Late Late Show to meet this lively lady and catch a ride from her to work . . . and then blow her mind by introducing her to J.J. Abrams, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens director.


Yeah, that’s right. Chewbacca Mom got lessons on how to sound more like Chewbacca from the Star Wars director himself.


You can watch Candace, J.J., and James giggling their faces off in this clip below:

But that was not all! Just like the rest of us, James clearly adores Candace’s zest for life and incredible sense of humor, so he surprised her with the absolute best present for a Star Wars fan: He got the ~ real ~ Chewbacca (actor Peter Mayhew) to invite Candace and her family to a private meet and greet in her hometown of Dallas. VIP tickets and everything! Understandably, she freaked out (in a good way).


Hey, you deserve it, Chewbacca Mom!

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