Proof that the Chewbacca mom has actually been winning at Instagram for years

The Chewbacca mom (real name Candance Payne) blew up the internet with her infectious laugh when she wore a Chewbacca mask one time in her car.

You call her the Chewbacca mom, we call her the multi-faceted mom of humor and glory. Candace has been gifting us with adorable and hilarious moments on social media for years, like:

When she told us to pray for her ombre hair.

When she referred to herself as the “cowardly lion.”

And also, Legolas.

When she didn’t realize the front-facing camera was on, but posted the pic anyways.

When she posts funny photos of her delightfully strange-looking dog.

Like this one:

And this.

Okay last one. LOL!

When she first put on a Chewie mask.

And made her whole family do it too.

When she face swapped with her son and he basically turned into Matt Damon.

When she created her own pizza meme.

When she dressed her dog up as Marilyn Monroe.

And when she photoshopped herself into Star Wars.

Keep doing you, Candace. You are a national treasure.