Here’s how much money Chewbacca Mom has made since her video went viral

One day, Candace Payne was just a regular cool mom, sitting in her car after a shopping trip to Kohl’s, and decided to try out the talking Chewbacca mask she had just bought. The next day, she was the biggest star on the internet.

Literally overnight, her simple Chewbacca mask video went completely viral, and now it is the most-watched live video on Facebook ever. Since then, she’s joined James Corden on his way to work; appeared on Good Morning America; and even took a trip to Disney World. These spoils are the same equivalent of what Luke Skywalker got after he blew up Death Star.

We can’t exactly put a price on that cool medal Leia hangs around Luke’s neck, but we can put a price on everything that Payne, a mother of two Star Wars loving kids, has received over the last week. Money went ahead and tallied up the actual $$$ that Payne has received since her video hit the internet…and it’s a lot. It’s almost enough to buy her own Death Star.

According to Money, the grand total is roughly $420,000.

Money breaks down the amount like this: $3,000 in gift cards from Kohl’s +$5,000 travel expenses for talk shows + $2,500 gift card from Hasbro + $7,500 Disney World vacation for the family + $2,000 for the VIP treatment at Fan Expo Dallas + $400,000 in college scholarships for her family.

That’s a whole lot of money. It’s just under half a million dollars, and it all came out of posting a 4-minute video where she laughs in her car over a CHEWBACCA MASK. Clearly, this wookiee is winning.

If you want to relive the glorious video, watch below!

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