Ch-ch-ch-cherry bombré is the latest hair trend brunettes should be excited about

Experimenting with hair colors is one of the easiest and most fun ways to change up your look. And while there’s no shortage of hair inspo on Instagram, it seems most of these shades are made for blondes (natural or dyed). After all, if your hair is naturally  black, getting it light enough to try a lavender grey look that you may or may not love can prove damaging, time-consuming, and costly. If your hair is dyed black, it gets even messier.

Hard pass.

Thankfully, the newest fun hair look is low-maintenance, easy, and has just enough ’90s influence to keep it cool — say hello to the the “cherry bombré,” or the cherry bomb ombré.

Cherry bombré is basically shades of cherry red woven into your dark hair. This kind of ombré is the opposite of highlights: known as lowlights, the red is less in-your-face and more about subtly adding dimension and sheer pops of color into your mane. It’s less obvious than dip dye but still gives your hair a bit of an edge.

Good Housekeeping did some legwork on the trend and found that the term was coined by celeb colorist Beth Minardi, who gave them some insight on the look. “This shade works well on olive or porcelain skin tones, but red tones can be played up or down to suit any complexion,” Minardi said. “This style is best for natural brunettes with long layers or no layers, as it requires minimal dying processes to achieve.”

We love this trend especially because it’s so easy to do.  You can also achieve it without ever touching any bleach, as the more natural the red, the less upkeep it takes.

See for yourself:

Gorgeous. We know what WE’RE getting the next time we book a hair appointment.

(Images via Instagram)