Cherry blonde hair is trending this month, and it will make your hair pop

This summer, we are all about hair trends inspired by food. From peach cobbler hair to mushroom blonde, it seems that these days, you just need to peruse the produce aisles for all the hair inspo you need to take to your next color appointment. The latest delicious hair trend popping up all over our feeds? Cherry blonde.

Cherry blonde is the grown-up version of Ginger Spice hair, combining sultry strawberry with hints of blonde. It’s easily adaptable, so you can rock a bold berry-inspired hue or add just a hint of pink for a more subtle vibe, depending on your mood this summer.

Colorist Stephanie Diaz explained to PopSugar that cherry blonde is a blend of cherry, “a deeper, pinker red,” with a blend of the blonde of your choosing, making it “equal parts red and blonde.” So that means sandy blondes, platinum blondes, and even brondes (that’s a mix between blonde and brunette, by the way) can try this cool cherry shade.

Of course, pink hair has been trending for years now, but cherry blonde is the cool girl version of this look, adding depth and dimension to candy-colored strands, which is why we’re so into it.

You can sport the brightest cherry shade at your roots, letting your blonde show throughout the rest of your strands.

Or you can go for Maisie Williams’ new pink hair, which allows her natural color to come through at the roots and the cherry pink to stand out everywhere else.

You can try cherry blonde highlights for a full-on summer vibe, which works on bright blondes and light shades of brown.

Of course, we’re personally loving this Ginger Spice-inspired hue, because the ’90s are alive and well when it comes to hair trends these days.

Whichever flavor of cherry blonde you’re into, there’s a perfect shade for you, which is why it’s such a great color to try for those looking for something different. There’s nothing sweeter than that.