Chelsea Handler’s birthday message to Stella McCartney is pure LOL

In the age of social media, wishing your friend a happy birthday has become something of an art form. Where it used to be just a simple message or call, now the whole of the Internet is at your disposal. You can send a hilarious birthday meme from your friend’s favorite show. Or perhaps a gif that encapsulates how they should feel on their special day. Even celebs like Chelsea Handler are finding hilarious ways to wish their girls a happy b-day.

Chelsea posted this hilarious message to designer Stella McCartney for her birthday.

OMG talk about LOL. We love that of all the Stella pieces she could have picked, Chelsea grabbed some Stella lingerie and boots.

She writes, “Happy birthday, @stellamccartney. Lingerie by Stella. You make me feel like a woman. (Who has intimacy issues)”

HA! Oh, Chelsea. This funny lady is always cracking jokes at her own expense although we don’t know if you have intimacy issues, girl. That pic is pretty intimate.

Of course, this message is pretty par for the course for Chelsea, who loves to post goofy Instas.

She’s so hilariously self-depricating, and it makes us totally want to be BFFs with her.

We don’t have any great Stella pieces on hand to wish her HBD like Chelsea did, but we totally hope she has a super classy birthday.

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