Chelsea Handler at the Women’s March is all of us

It’s pretty impossible not to know that, on January 21, 2016, people from all over the country (and, too, places all over the world) gathered for women’s marches. So many of our celebrity faves marched, and Chelsea Handler at the Women’s March was way amazing, and so relatable.

Like many of us, Chelsea Handler had an emotional response to the election. And we relate. We’ve always been so proud of how open she was about her abortions, so we weren’t surprised to see her face in the crowd. And she was *so* us at the march.

Or, well, should we say Chelsea Handler at the Women’s March is all of us if we had ridiculously famous friends?! She kicked things off alongside absolute fave Charlize Theron and Mary McCormack, like, FOMO.

Charlize, BTW, looked absolutely *thrilled* to be at the Women’s March, obviously, because she’s feminist as heck.

And this pic of the trio is absolutely angelic.

Chelsea got to help lead the way, and we’re like crying over here because it’s so moving.

And she made a bunch of new friends marching, because who doesn’t want a bigger feminist squad?

She got loud, and made a statement, and we’re *so* here for it.

But the most ~us~ part of the entire adventure was that she laughed, she yelled, and she cried. It was an emotional day for many of us, and so much of it was about standing together and forming a strong community.

Sending nothing but love, and power, and hope that we all continue to stay involved post-inauguration.