Chelsea Handler rides bikes with the “Stranger Things” kids and we can’t stop watching

We’ve watched it three times and we can’t stop. Won’t stop. It’s too good. Chelsea Handler goes on a bike ride through Universal Studios with the kids of Stranger Things, and it’s so, so funny. With a totally awesome ’80s synth background beat, they ask her questions about the 1980’s, and though her answers are hilarious, their questions are even funnier.

The first question comes from Caleb McLaughlin: “what is a pager,” and Chelsea very accurately explains that it was for drug deals.

Gaten exclaims that, “this seat really hurts my tushy,” and Caleb giggles. Gaten, we grew up on banana seats, and we’re stronger for it. But we feel your pain.

“So, Chelsea, what does VHS stand for,” Mille Brown asks in her so lovely British accent. Then she asks what Blockbuster is, and Gaten Matarazzo says, “I know what a Blockbuster Store is.” And then Chelsea adds that it was before Netflix, which makes anything else before it obsolete, to which Millie answers, “Right. Netflix and PopTarts,” which launches Gaten into an improvised rap: “Netflix and PopTarts,” as Caleb McLaughlin dances. We will be singing this song for the rest of the day.


And then Chelsea rides her bike into the sky a la ET as the kids look on, and now all we want from life is to go on a bike ride with the kids from Stranger Things.


That, and a giveaway of Millie’s outfit.


Whatever she’s wearing, it’s so dang rad!

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