Chelsea Handler just dropped details about her new Netflix show

After the success of her most recent Netflix show, Chelsea Does, Chelsea Handler is at it again. On Wednesday, the comedian announced a brand-new show on her Twitter in the form of a letter to herself:

Here’s what we do know about the show:

  1. It’s coming out on Netflix starting May 11.
  2. She’ll be “traveling around the world and learning new things.”
  3. It’s going to to be released three times a week rather than all at once.
  4. Episodes will be 30 minutes long.
  6. Chelsea Handler writes motivational notes to herself just like we do.

The as-of-yet unnamed show sounds like it’s going to be somewhat documentary-style, similar to Chelsea Does, her first Netflix release, and that she’ll be interviewing important people all over the world. What she asks them is anyone’s guess, but her unpredictable nature is why we love her. Congratulations, Chelsea!

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