Chelsea Clinton just made a wonderful Twitter announcement

Hillary Clinton has been causing a commotion in the press recently. First solely for being a female and a frontrunner for the presidency, (KILLING IT, HIL!) and recently for her Star Wars reference during the Democratic debate.

But another Clinton is now taking the spotlight, and no it’s not Bill. It’s their unborn grandchild! Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hilary, took to Twitter today to announce her pregnancy with her second child!

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky had their first child, a little girl named Charlotte, fifteen months ago. Paired with Chelsea’s announcement was a photo of her first daughter adorably reading a book. Both Bill and Hillary responded on Twitter with congratulations on the news.  

Chelsea previously shared with People Magazine the great relationship that her parents have with her first daughter. “They are so interested in everything about her — getting to know her and being part of her life and part of her daily route — so it’s not just checking in once in a while, but checking in every day to see how she’s doing. ‘What are her newest achievements? How’s she eating? How’s she sleeping? How many teeth does she have?’”

Well I think we can be sure that the new Clinton baby will be well cared for and loved by the growing Clinton fam! Congratulations Chelsea and Marc!

(Images via Shutterstock, Twitter)