Chelsea Clinton’s kids’ names might reveal that she’s a “Sex and the City” superfan

Chelsea Clinton has given birth to a baby boy! Hillary Clinton’s second grandchild arrived on Saturday, and Chelsea announced his birth and the name she and husband Marc Mezvinsky chose via Twitter. false

We absolutely love the name Aidan, but not as much as we love the fact that BOTH of their kids happen to to have the same names as characters from Sex and the City. Aidan’s older sister is Charlotte.

It’s very possible Clinton and Mezvinsky just really love the names Aidan and Charlotte, and they have absolutely nothing to do with SATC. Or perhaps it means that one or both of them are huge SATC fans. Like, the biggest. And that, of course, is the more fun explanation and the one we’re choosing to believe.

If they decide to have a third child and they name her Samantha, Carrie or Miranda — then it’s probably safe to say that Chelsea is a major fan of the show. And if their hypothetical third child is a boy, and they name him Steve, John or Mr. Big — they should get some type of biggest SATC ever award.

Either way, it’s fun to think that the daughter of the potential future United States president loves SATC just as much as the rest of us.