Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump don’t let politics get in the way of their friendship

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump both grew up hounded by the media, the spotlight thrust upon them because of their famous parents: Chelsea, the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; Ivanka, the daughter of real estate mogul and current presidential candidate Donald Trump. For all intents and purposes, the two should be rivals. But did you know they’re actually good friends?

“I’m really grateful Ivanka’s my friend,” Chelsea told People. “She’s a great woman.”

It’s no secret that Chelsea and Ivanka’s parents don’t quite see eye to eye. Hillary recently told MSNBC, “He is the candidate of being against [people],” and Donald harshly called her the “worst secretary of state in the history of the U.S.”

It wasn’t always this way, though—the two families once existed in bipartisan harmony. Donald was a big supporter of the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary attended his 2005 wedding. Though things have changed, the girls aren’t letting their parents’ differences affect their friendship—it’s only matured with age. Now, Chelsea and Ivanka go on double dates with their husbands, Marc Mezvinsky and Jared Kushner.

How will their friendship sustain during the 2016 election? According to Chelsea, they’ll be just fine.

“Friendship is always more important than politics,” Chelsea continued. “I learned that growing up, watching my parents be friends with people across the political spectrum in Arkansas.”

Well said, girl! The sisterhood knows no bounds.

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