Chelsea Clinton calls out Ivanka Trump on equal pay for women like it ain’t no thang

Politics are a tricky business. Just ask Chelsea Clinton, who not only grew up in the White House and had to navigate all the craziness that went along with that, but is now campaigning for her mom and dealing with all the craziness that goes along with THAT.

Like, for example, when you happen to be friends with the daughter of the person running against your mom.

Which is exactly the case with Chelsea and Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka. The two were introduced by their husbands and have been friends for years, but when an important election is on the horizon, political friendships get…tricky.

At a Facebook Live event organized by Glamour, Chelsea was asked to address the claims Ivanka made during her RNC speech that President Trump would advocate for equal pay and accessible child care.

Chelsea’s response to Ivanka?

“How would your father do that?”

“Given it’s not something that he has spoken about, there are no policies on any of those fronts,” she said. “So I think the ‘how’ question is super important. In politics as it is in life.”

Honestly, we think Chelsea handled this really well. She was respectful in asking Ivanka to back up her claims without backing down on her convictions, and she did it without turning the issue into a personal attack against Ivanka.

We have high hopes these two can still be friends no matter what happens in November, but we guess only time will tell.