These chefs turn noodle-making into a riveting dance, and we can’t stop watching

As any professional (or just doing-it-for-the-fun-of-it) chef will tell you, there’s an art to cooking. There’s just something about experimenting with recipes or hosting a potluck that can bring some variety into the kitchen. But it’s not just the food that can zest up your cooking. Just take a look at these chefs who are bringing variety into the kitchen by turning the routine of making noodles into an all-out dance party.

At Hai Di Lao HotPot, a hot pot restaurant chain based in China. restaurant chefs make hand-rolled noodles by actually dancing with the noodle dough, turning noodle making into a fascinatingly entertaining dance party.

The dancing noodle-making moves aren’t a secret, either. Restaurant customers know all about the dance moves — and have filled Instagram with videos showcasing this unique noodle-making technique. Check it out for yourself:

It may be a little unorthodox, but nothing like a little friendly competition and some sweet dance moves to spice up things at dinner. And of course, the food looks delicious as well!

The next time you visit China, be sure to make a stop at Hai Di Lao HotPot to check out the dancing and noodle-making for yourself.