These world-famous chefs reveal where they ate the best burgers of their lives

Warning: This might make your mouth water (even if you just ate), because we’re talking about yummy delicious BURGERS! In a compilation piece for Uproxx, famous chefs reveal where they ate the best burgers of their lives. Some go for the gourmet stuff, and others opt for a classic burger delivered fast with greasy fries.

So, first up is Oscar Cabezas from Teleferic Barcelona, and his favorite burger is from NoMad bar in NYC.

"The burger is a dry-aged patty and bone marrow with cheddar cheese and a thin disk of sweet onion."

He also mentioned that it comes with the usual fries on the side, and pickles. Sounds pretty good to us!

Then we’ve got Rick Moonen from rm seafood and Rx Boiler Room. His go-to burger spot is Burger Bar in Las Vegas.

"I like the salmon burger, and my wife Roni orders her burgers protein style. They have an over-the-top burger featuring Kobe-style wagyu beef, foie gras, and shaved truffles, which is great if you want to impress your friends. And don’t forget the fat or skinny french fries…you even have the option to try zucchini fries."

Salmon burger, that’s different! We like.

Garrett Pittler from City Winery Nashville goes for the classic burger from Five Guys.

"It’s simple, made with real ingredients, cooked to order but fast, and it’s exactly what I crave when I want a no-frills American burger."

Okay, this one is crazy (awesome). Anne Marie Damaso from Sweet COMBforts chooses a Maple Bacon Jam burger from Pig Pen Delicacy in Irvine.

"It starts off with a brioche bun (delivered fresh daily); it’s toasted and dressed with their house made chive aioli sauce. They use an all-beef patty that’s seared on a flat-top grill that gives the burger a great caramelization. It’s paired with melted Swiss, a very distinctive yet mellow cheese."


OMG. If you thought nothing could top that, you’re probably right.

via giphyBut Alex Moreno’s choice of the Chianina burger from Working Class Kitchen in Long Beach looks pretty good.

"The Chianina beef burger on the potato bun, beasted out with added bacon, cheese and foie; chased down with a pint of Anderson Valley’s Blood Orange Gose — there’s nothing better."

There are more chefs with burger choices on the list. BRB…we’re OBVIOUSLY going to get a burger because burgers are all that matter right now!