Proof that Chef Gordon Ramsay is a really sweet human

We won’t sugarcoat it: Chef Gordon Ramsay can be, well, angry. He can hurl insults and throw shade with the best of ‘em. But what else would you expect from a reality show chef with TV show names like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word?

Well, the jig is up and his caring side has been exposed. When Aaron Merry Tweeted the chef that he’d lost his job after suffering three epileptic fits at work, Chef Ramsay came to the rescue, calling the incident “ridiculous”—and even offering Aaron a job.

It all started with Aaron sharing some bad news on Twitter.

Then, he revealed these epileptic fits got him fired—and asked the master chef himself for some advice.

Gordon Ramsay not only replied to Aaron, but requested that he DM him about a job opportunity.

It looks like Aaron is full of his own good advice, too.

This isn’t the first time Ramsay has shown his sweet side. Back in April, when a down-and-out chef asked him for advice on a Reddit AMA, the celebrity restauranteur delivered with some heartfelt words. The Redditor told Ramsay, “I’m working in a Michelin kitchen right now, toiling away, hours after hours, days after days. My hopes and dreams are nowhere to be found as I scale and portion salmon after salmon, shelling pods after pods of broad beans,” and wondered what Ramsay would do in his shoes.

After giving the chef some life advice, Ramsay even offered him a job. “Listen – if you send me your resume, I could look at putting you into one of the restaurants as a work experience, if you want to see something different, in order to make sure you don’t come off the rails, to see something different, to create that level of interest,” Ramsay wrote.

What a guy! Kudos to Gordon Ramsay for stepping up and being supportive —the culinary industry can be tough and majorly competitive. No word yet on the elusive job offer via Twitter, but no matter what happens, it’s still a pretty cool story. Now if you’ll excuse him, Gordon Ramsay has to make up for that act of kindness with three insults.

Featured image via FOX