Here’s how you can make Cheetos at home, from scratch, because dreams do come true

Stop everything. We have very, very important snack news: You can make Cheetos in the comfort of your own home, from scratch. Now, usually the phrase “from scratch” is never uttered in a sentence with the name of a delicious junk food favorite, but thanks to the book Classic Recipes Made from Scratch by Casey Barber (THANK YOU, CASEY BARBER), it might just become more common than you’d think.

Even though you have to buy Casey’s book for the full at-home-snackage glory, Bakepedia shared the recipe for Cheetos, which actually aren’t as hard as you’d think to make. It doesn’t require a giant factory, magic orange pixie dust and a raging lunatic cartoon cheetah to make these cheesy delights; you really can make them in the comfort of your own kitchen. Oh, and just to sweeten (cheese-n?) the deal, the homemade Cheetos are baked and made with actual, real, natural ingredients, meaning they might just be a little healthier (or at least feel a little healthier) than the version you snag at 7-Eleven when your cheesy snack craving hits.

Plus, imagine being the person who brings homemade Cheetos to the next party you’re invited to. You will be worshipped, praised and generally beloved by all. We’re bowing down to the snack gods for this one.

(Images via here and here.)