Are Cheetos an acceptable topping for pizza? Discuss

Plain cheese pizza is perfect as it is, because PIZZA. But who doesn’t love to add a few toppings? Vegetables, chicken, meatballs, extra cheese blends, even pineapple. You name it, it’s probably been on a pizza before. Now, go ahead and add Cheetos to the list of pizza toppings. This is not one we saw coming.

Yes, Cheetos. The crunchy cheese sticks (or whatever shape is your preference) that taste delicious and leave your hands covered in a bright orange-cheesy residue. How’d you like to eat those on a pizza? Because, it’s happening. According to Time, the bar Slate in Manhattan is now serving its “Four Play Mac & Cheese” pizza, which includes “Béchamel sauce, cavatappi pasta, a ‘signature cheese blend’ (white cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, smoked gouda).” That alone sounds absolutely delicious. But now add some Cheetos on top of that, too — ground up and crushed to be sprinkled on top, and placed on top of everything else for added crunch.

“Cheetos is a great accompaniment to any dish,” Darryl Harmon, the creator of this pizza explained to Time. “I’ve encrusted a steak with them, made a broccoli soup with Cheetos as a garnish, or you can ground them up with olive oil to make bread crumbs.”

OK, we’re intrigued. This actually isn’t something new, and a quick look through both Twitter and Instagram shows that LOTS of people out there are putting Cheetos on their pizza, because why not? While the homemade version doesn’t appear to be as artistic in preparation as it as at Slate, it still looks good.

Seeing all sorts of other crazy pizza creations out there — like straight up mac n’ cheese pizza – the Cheetos version isn’t too crazy. So that’s why we’ve got to try it. The pizza is only available on Sundays at Slate for their Sunday football menu. While everyone else will be at the bar for football, you’ll be there strictly for the pizza.

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