Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams just got married in a gorgeously snowy wedding ceremony

Are those wedding bells we hear? Cheetah Girl and 3LW (We know, it’s been awhile!) singer Kiely Williams has married longtime boyfriend Brandon Cox just in time for the holidays! The couple tied the knot at The Elms in Fort Worth, Texas this weekend and gosh, are the pics just gorgeous. Kiely wore a strapless, sweetheart dress with lots of white, glimmering detail and a form-hugging silhouette that blended traditional bride vibes with a hint of bombshell realness. The ceremony took place at the hearth of an enormous brick and stone fireplace. As guests entered the warm, woodsy room; a sign read “Find a seat, either side. You’re loved by both the groom and bride.” How sweet (and totally cozy!) is that?

We can feel the warmth from here!

Williams is the second Cheetah Girl (she was Aqua, for those who still talk the talk) and member of 3LW to get married this year, as Adrienne Bailon got married in Paris this November to musician Israel Houghton.

“I’m getting married tomorrow!” captions Williams on this adorable pre-wedding ‘gram.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but please let it snow on our wedding day. If it looks like this, the cold will be the last thing on our minds. So pretty!

So comfy, so classy, so...warm. When a church is not an option (or just not your scene) remember that the simplest of backdrops can make for a gorgeous ceremony.

Kiely bustled up the train of her long, detailed gown to share in this dance with her husband.

Best of luck to the happy couple! Now to stream the Cheetah Girls soundtrack for nostalgia’s sake.

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