Cheesecake Factory is releasing the only flavor you’ll want to eat on your birthday

If we could eat at The Cheesecake Factory every day of our lives without dying via carb overload, we absolutely would. But because we choose life, we’ll settle on eating Cheesecake Factory once a week and on holidays — and now, especially on our birthdays.

The Cheesecake Factory is releasing a new cheesecake flavor on July 30th that is absolutely changing the birthday game. Meaning you won’t want to celebrate your arrival into the world anywhere else from July 30th on. Let us introduce to you the “Celebration Cheesecake,” soon to be the only thing that counts in this world. Eat your heart out, readers.

According to Delish, the “Celebration Cheesecake” includes layers of the Factory’s original cheesecake, vanilla cake, cream cheese, as well as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mousse, all topped with confetti sprinkles.

A Funfetti cheesecake? Are you kidding? This is literally us right now:

We’ve always been more than happy to nosh on any Cheesecake Factory cheesecake after dinner in that magic castle-like setting. But we have reason to believe that we might freak all the way out upon stepping into our local Factory post-July 30th, knowing that the “Celebration Cheesecake” is somewhere in the mood-lit eatery.

You better believe we’re not waiting for our birthday to try this sucker out.

And remember, The Cheesecake Factory is running its annual half-off cheesecake promotion until July 31st. That means you can have your “Celebration Cheesecake” and eat it for half-off, too.

And from July 30th through August, the Factory is donating 25 cents to Feeding America for every slice of cheesecake sold. Feeding America is an organization devoted to ending hunger in the United States. According to Delish, The Cheesecake Factory has already donated over $4.2 million since their partnership began.

Get thee to a Cheesecake Factory on July 30th. The only way to celebrate anything from now on is with “Celebration Cheesecake.” No excuses.

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