These fake nails are made from a cheese grater, and we truly feel alive

We’re living in an incredible time. We can 3D print clothing, order just about anything to be delivered to our homes, and get cheese graters attached to our fingernails. Yup, your eyes do not deceive you. You can literally get nail art made from an actual cheese grater. THIS WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE.

Russia-based nail salon Nail Sunny is known for its beyond-eccentric nail designs, from a hair comb mani to baby feet-inspired claws, but it has truly outdone itself this time. May we present to you cheese grater nails:

It is breathtaking. Please view the full, fascinating process of Nail Sunny’s magnificent art in the video above.

You know how when you’re at Olive Garden and the waiter comes along with a block of Parmesan and asks if anyone wants cheese? You immediately scream, “YES!” then try to hold out as long as possible before you are forced to ask them to stop. Well, with your own cheese grater nails, you won’t have to feel cheese-shamed any longer. Just ask the waiter to go ahead and leave the block of Parmesan on the table, since you can now do the hard labor all by yourself.

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