This high school cheerleader is SO deserving of her prom queen title

At Clovis High School in New Mexico, Faith Cano has gone from a popular cheerleader to inspirational leader of her senior class.

Two years ago, Faith was injured and fell into a coma after complications during surgery. She lost all of her motor skills, meaning she could no longer speak or walk, let alone cheer. But in December, after hard work and physical therapy—with her boyfriend, Adan Martinez, by her side—she started walking again. And this past weekend, she even danced with Martinez when the two were named Prom King and Queen.

Cano’s perseverance has been an inspiration to her classmates, who decided it was time to show her some special love and appreciation. Both she and her boyfriend were nominated for the title, but it was the other finalists who came together to forgo their nominations and let Cano and Martinez secure the thrones. Senior Antonia Hicks told local news channel KOB4:

On Saturday, the two received their crowns, and danced the night away like any other teenage couple. After six years, their relationship has survived its up and downs, and their courage and resilience was rewarded.

“We just thought it would be something special. We believe she deserves it after everything she’s been through,” said Dani Williams, another senior.

Cano’s family is overwhelmed with gratitude. Her sister recalls her whole family crying, grateful for the support of the school and community. They are also grateful for the support of Martinez, Cano’s prom king.

“When she was in a coma, it was talking about him when she reacted for the first time,” Cano’s mother, Viola, told Clovis News Journal. “When she didn’t have enough muscles in her face to react, she would light up when you said his name. Most grown men couldn’t handle this situation and a high school kid who doesn’t feel the pressure of life after all this … he is committed to her.”

But Cano is also an inspiration in her own right. Her friends call on her strength whenever they face their own challenges.

“Whenever life knocks you down, she just kept getting back up,” Antonia Hicks told KOB4. “So it’s pretty inspiring to have someone like that who’s around you.”

We’re so impressed by Cano’s spirit, as well as her classmates’ decision to honor her, after all she’s been through. We hope last Saturday night will serve as a constant reminder that hardship makes you stronger, and these setbacks are no match against the power of kindness.

(Image via Clovis News Journal)