Cheerios came out with a product that will change the chocolate-peanut butter game

We know we’re supposed to learn how to be adults eventually, but the journey feels like one with no end. We’d be lying to you if we said we didn’t dream of eating sweets for breakfast and staying up till the crack of dawn watching Netflix without consequence. While we still do the latter, the former is a little bit more difficult to work with…until now.

Our dreams of a sugary-yet-somehow-healthy breakfast are coming true because Cheerios is releasing a chocolate-peanut butter flavor that’s sure to make us feel like we’re in a Reese’s Cup dreamland.

If you’ve ever dreamt of eating a delicious peanut butter cup (or ten) for breakfast like we have, then this cereal may be your new favorite.

Made with real cocoa and peanut butter, this new Cheerios flavor is about to rock your world. We’re not quite sure when it’s coming out, but we’re might be pacing the grocery store’s cereal aisle until it does.

While we could stick to eating this cereal with milk, we’re already thinking of how else we’d like to enjoy it. You could try chocolate milk instead of regular milk, or you could put it over frozen yogurt or ice cream. It may be fall in a few days, but the heat isn’t done winding down, so why not add some cereal to a DIY popsicle recipe for a new take on the milk and cereal bar?

It’s not so much how you eat it but that you eat it, period. So head to your local grocery store and grab a box. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.