Check Out the New Season of ‘Children’s Hospital’!

Calling all fans of Children’s Hospital! I was fortunate enough to catch a sneak peek of the newest season airing on Thursdays at midnight on Adult Swim and chat with one of the stars, Erinn Hayes!

First, let me get you up to speed with the show. SPOILERS ARE COMING SO TURN AWAY. The last season ended with the death of Rob Corddry’s character, Dr. Blake Downs. It was a pretty intense death as well, since he was electrocuted AND shot by Nick Offerman’s character. The other doctors and staff of Children’s Hospital start off with his death very fresh in their minds. The staff also has to relocate to Osaka, Japan for reasons that only make sense in the Children’s Hospital world.

I asked Erinn how excited she was for the fans to see the new season of Children’s Hospital. She explained she was “very excited” but she’s not as involved in this season as much as in the others due to some scheduling conflicts. Good news is that she is in four of the new episodes!

I then asked her about the show’s fanbase and how much it has grown over the past few years. Erinn told me how the “fans have grown immensely” and how the “passionate fans tell friends” to start watching. The cast has gone to Comic-Con for four years now and they have a good time every year. Erinn explained that since they’ve done the panels so often, “questions don’t get answered.” She goes on to say that the cast gets “delightfully dumb” and everyone goes to have fun.

Children’s Hospital always has some killer guest stars, so of course I asked her which have been her favorite to work with. Erinn said some highlights have definitely been Ernie Hudson, who didn’t even know about the show until he was casted, Richard Kind, who she got to make out with, and Justin Kirk, with whom she had an, ahem, interesting sex scene.

Erinn also told me about the atmosphere on the set, especially since there are so many comedians in one place. She said, “they’re a good group of people” who are focused to get the job done. The cast and crew have about two days per episode for six weeks a year, so they can’t really afford any time to goof off. She goes on to say that the episodes are “so much fun” and that this is “the best show I’ve ever been on.” She hopes Children’s Hospital will be renewed for a sixth season, as do I!

Remember to check out the newest season of Children’s Hospital Thursdays at 12am on Adult Swim!

Image via Adult Swim