Check your chocolate, because there’s a Mars recall

Look, chocolate is one of life’s great joys, and we’re no strangers to storing a few sweet treats in the pantry for whenever the need arises. But if you’ve got any Mars chocolate in your cupboards, you’re going to want to reconsider digging in. There’s been a recall on select Mars products in the U.K. While it’s been specifically pinpointed to batches that have been sold across the pond, it never hurts to double (and triple) check to make sure you’re not in possession of any tainted chocolate!

So, what’s the threat? Well,  there’s a possibility of salmonella in some chocolate produced from the Mars factory in Slough, England. Some of the products have probably already been sold (yikes!) but as of right now retailers are pulling items from their shelves.

Fret not, U.K. friends, we’ve got the info you need on this Mars recall.

You’re going to want to avoid eating Galaxy bars, Maltesers Teasers, and Minstrels with expiration dates of May 6, 2018 and May 13, 2018. The threat has apparently been contained just to these specific batches of chocolate. Luckily, this means any other Mars chocolate should be fine!

Whew, okay, that doesn’t sound too bad.

But if you’re really reluctant, just check the official listing with specific classifications, just to be sure. Again, these are just products being sold in the U.K., so don’t freak out over this Mars recall prematurely.

It’s never fun to hear that something we might possibly be eating could make us sick. But look on the bright side …at least they caught it! Salmonella can be really nasty, and no one wants to deal with that. Sometimes these things happen, but don’t worry: you can totally get a refund. Mars is definitely going to be super careful in the future, so this might actually make their products safer. Seems like a silver lining to us!