Awesomely Nerdy Guitars, Just Because

When it comes to nerdy stuff I’m somewhere between “Yes, obviously I know what a wampa is” and “No, I’ve never seen Doctor Who.” (Okay, to be fair, I’m on a flight right now wearing a boy’s shirt with The Avengers on it and watching The Lego Movie for the second time. . . ) But, I still appreciate a good pop culture-themed anything no matter what pop culture it’s based on.

For example, the guitar. I could stare at the loads of bizarre, wonderfully nerdy revamped guitars on the Internet all day, and I don’t even play the guitar. If you’re down with musical fan art too, then you’ll appreciate these incredible six-string homages to nerd culture.

1. The Ultimate Han Solo Guitar: Obviously, when I saw this Han Solo frozen in carbonite piece I was sold. Travis Stevens created this one (and some other great ones), which he features on his site, Travis Stevens Nerd Crafts. I think I just found my new favorite website.

2. The Millennium Falcon Thrasher: He also created this Millennium Falcon one, which I legitimately want even though, yes, I know, I can’t play the guitar.

3. The Hobbit Axe: And one more from Travis. Please check out this Lord of the Rings guitar. It’s brilliant.  I really could just keep sharing his work, but other people DO make awesomely nerdy guitars besides Travis Stevens.

4. GuiTARdis: Now, as I said, I’ve never seen Doctor Who but I still appreciate the look and design of Doctor Who-related crafts and things. (I even got my 14-year-old cousin a TARDIS onesie for Christmas last year because she likes Doctor Who so much!) This was made by Arthur Yet Lew and was his second attempt at a GuiTARdis according to

5. The Super Mario Superstar: And, then, because, why not, here’s a Mario guitar which I would die for even though I was a die-hard Sega girl. (I still have my original Sega Genesis from 1992.)

I just had a vision of playing Guitar Hero on a Mario-shaped guitar and well, it sounded great.

(Featured image via, Travis Stevens’ guitars’ images via and via, Doctor Who guitar image via, Mario guitar image via)

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