These are the 10 cheapest destinations to visit in 2019, so pack your bags and your besties

If you’re looking to have an adventure but it’s just not in the budget right now, checking travel off your must-do list for 2019 may seem impossible. Transportation, accommodations, and food are all necessary things to consider, and it all adds up very fast. But if you can manage to scrounge together just a bit of cash, Kayak has put together a list of the cheapest travel destinations you can visit in 2019. So pack your stuff and grab your bestie. You won’t find any flights over $500 here.

When you think “cheap” travel destinations, it’s easy to assume you’re going to be limited to random places in the middle of nowhere. But as Kayak has found, that’s not necessarily true; flights to major cities like Houston, Cleveland, and Boston won’t cost you much at all. When you’re looking for things to do while you’re there, many cities offer free and cheap admission to popular attractions. All you have to do is be open to the possibilities.

So if you’re looking to travel in the U.S. without breaking the bank, here are Kayak’s top 10 wallet-friendly destinations for 2019.

1 Denver, Colorado

Denver takes the top spot as the most budget-friendly destination of the year. Besides being great for your wallet, Kayak says it’s also good for sightseeing, its history, and adventure. Throughout the year, the median cost of airfare to Denver tends to stay below $250.

2 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a great destination if you’re looking for some family-friendly fun on the beach. Of course, there are some great bars and restaurants for you to check out, too. If you’re into hiking and biking, you can do that at Myrtle Beach State Park for just $5. Try booking a trip before the holiday season hits. The median airfare also stays below $250 before November.

3 Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is known for its religious history, but it’s also great if you’re into sightseeing and hiking. Experts at Kayak suggest checking out The Gilgal Sculpture Garden, which is a hidden gem in the city. Flights to Salt Lake City cost around $300 year-round.

4 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas really needs no introduction. Besides the hotels, casinos, and infamous nightlife, there are a ton of great places to eat and shop. Kayak suggests exploring The Container Park in downtown Vegas, which is an open-air shopping center that usually has free entertainment. Flights to Vegas usually stay under $250. But if you’re looking for a quick getaway right now, the median airfare cost for January is $160.

5 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is known for its rich history, nightlife, dining, and, of course, sports teams. Since ride-sharing services can get pretty pricey, Kayak suggests taking advantage of Boston’s above-ground trains. It’s a great way to explore the city. Year-round, flights to Boston tend to stay between $200 to $300.

6 Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re into art, Kayak says Baltimore is a major arts hub. The best part is many of its museums are free. Airfare to Baltimore is around $150 to $250 throughout the year.

7 Cincinnati, Ohio

According to Kayak, Cincinnati is one of those “under-the-radar capitals of cool” due to its breweries, street art, and “funky” shops. Airfare to Cincinnati is around $200 if you go before the holidays.

8 Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is home to one of the best museums in America, according to Kayak. The best part is, admission to the Cleveland Museum of Art is free for all. If you’re looking to visit the city, summer is the most popular time to do so. The median cost of airfare is a little over $250.

9 Houston, Texas

Houston is known for it shopping, history, and family-friendly fun. If you’re looking to hit some of its major attractions, like the zoo and Space Center, Kayak suggests taking advantage of its CityPass. Flights are cheaper earlier in the year, and tend to stay close to $200.

10 Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers has a lot to offer, from its downtown area to the former mansions of the Edison and Ford families. If you have a sweet tooth, Kayak suggests going to Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream. It’s a retro ice cream parlor that’s a local favorite. The best time to visit is now, when airfare costs around $180. Throughout the year, it stays between $250 and $300.

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